Run Breakfast Rugby (Organised by James)

Saturday, June 22, 2013 - 01:00

The British Lions will be playing the Australians on Jun 22nd, 29th & July 6th , all at 11am (all on Saturdays). I would like to organise SRC breakfasts on those mornings (maybe 10.30/10.45) with a view to watching the games at the same venue. The Wetherspoon we went to on Saturday may be a good bet ..or maybe the one on the Harbourside. Either way, SRC breakfasts and British Lions rugby on those mornings should hopefully get a decent turnout. I'd also like to make it a "Run-Breakfast-Rugby" morning on each of these three days by making them "club mornings". Simply meeting at a set location then heading out for a run in small groups just like we do on Tues & Thurs ... then pub after for breakie & rugby.