Talk to Dave & Scares Night

Tuesday, February 19, 2013 - 19:30

Fancy a day out exploring the beautiful countryside around Bristol?
With more tea and cake than you'll know what to do with?
And a pub feed and a couple of pints with good mates afterwards?


Come and find out what made many of us at SRC get into off-road racing! And it's not just because the events often only cost a few quid which leaves more money for the drinks afterwards...

If you've never raced before and find it all slightly intimidating, or have done a race or two but found it all a bit too serious with people chasing 'PBs' and spending more time looking at their Garmins than talking too their mates, then come and talk to those of us who race for very different reasons.

A few of us are going to be around after running on Tuesday 19th Feb. They'll be a mix of abilities (male and female), but what we have in common is that we all love getting out into the countryside with our mates and supporting each other, whether you're going for a podium spot or hoping to get second from last this time. We'll have a few flyers for local races that some of us are already doing and also a computer with some websites open to show you around a few of the events.

We'll hopefully dispel any of the myths that might make you think 'racing isn't for me' and if nothing else it'll be nice to have a drink with a few new faces. If you're on Facebook we'll let you know a few of the folk who'll be there a few days beforehand so you'll hopefully realise it's not at all aimed at the faster people in the club.