2014Kx365 The Last Day Green Man Challenge

Sunday, January 4, 2015 - 20:57

Thanks to all who came out to support and celebrate the last day of the @2014kx365 by running the Green Man Challenge - a 46mile route which circles Bristol.

The day started in a dark carpark in Long Ashton, where a group of upwards of 50 runners took off, in the frost with head torches up over to Dundry - a fantastic experience before we got down to the serious business of getting the miles in.

We had 5 club members who completed the full course. The are:

Tom Bullivant 10h 3m
Lee Phibben 10h 3m
Mark Ducker 10h 3m
Mike Karthäuser 11h 27m
Matthew Larmour 11h 45m

Matt Burns and Karen Cooper (a @2014kx365 participant) lead the first leg of the relay, running over new ground over Dundry to Norton Marlewood.

Huge thanks to Rob Dickson who ran alongside Mike over the first stage, helping pilot the group over the tricky approach to Dundry, made more difficult by the darkness (and a over friendly horse). Also to Ali Hubbard, Ruth Cornish, Andy Ventham Mike McBeth and Gary Jennings who ran with the club runners (Ruth covered over 2/3rds of the 46mile route.

Special mention to our support drivers - Emma Brown and Mike's brother, Jim - a long day for the runners but an equally knackering one for the drivers too.

For photos from the day, checkout the facebook group https://www.facebook.com/pages/2014Kx365-The-Last-Day/360879697414914