Cotswold 24 Hour Race

Friday, July 29, 2016 - 15:00
Sam Blanning

28 Southvillers headed to Bathurst Estate in Cirencester for a full 24 hours of running through day and night and all kinds of terrain. We had two teams of eight, two of five and two amazing solos in Mark Ducker and James Miller who went through the entire 24 hours by themselves.

Southville had a superb three finishes on the podium, with the Chris Hopes Appreciation Society taking the trophy home for the mixed fives, Mark Ducker finishing as second solo male and Five Go Bats In Bathurst placing 2nd in the men's fives. James Miller also finished a superb 9th in the men's solos while our mixed eights The Young And The Breathless and The Southville Sizzlers both made the top third in 18th and 23rd.

To put Mark's achievement into perspective, he ran 200 miles and beat a third of the entrants in the teams of five while running all on his own. Mark was raising money for ARC (Antenatal Results & Choices), Children's Hospice South West and Help for Heroes and his charity page can be found at


99 98 Mark Ducker 24:31:59 Male Solo 2 Male 16 22 00:51:49 01:37:25 01:06:54
146 103 James Miller 23:34:01 Male Solo 9 Male 34 16 00:57:36 02:42:45 01:28:22

10 552 Southville's Chris Hopes Appreciation Society 24:30:50 Team of 5 Mixed 1 Mixed 7 32 00:35:48 01:26:06 00:45:57
(James Gale, Natalia Josefowicz, Simon Cardnell, Phil Sherborne, Chris Benson)
8 368 Src Five Go Bats In Bathurst 24:08:14 Team of 5 Male 2 Male 3 32 00:38:23 00:56:16 00:45:15
(Samuel Blanning, Thomas O'Neill, Lee Phibben, Paul Hilborne, Lee Jennings)

28 1044 The Young & The Breathless 24:24:58 Team of 8 Mixed 18 Mixed 21 28 00:42:52 01:07:32 00:52:19
(Tom Hutchings, Carrie Eichstedt, Paul Rooker, Laura Pease, Helen Whitesmith, Hannah Kerr, Emma Bishop, Helen Phillips)
35 1036 Southville Sizzlers 24:39:40 Team of 8 Mixed 23 Mixed 27 27 00:44:56 01:08:14 00:54:48
(Luke Bibbey, Tom Lacey, Ruth Cornish, James Prestidge, Susan Boyle, Joanne Finkel, Eleanor Payne, Elizabeth Shepard)