Dundry Thunder Run 10k

Tuesday, July 1, 2014 - 17:08
Sam Blanning

Fantastic - possibly unprecedented - results from the Dundry Thunder 10k tonight. In keeping with Southville spirit, I will start by saying it was a superb effort from everyone, regardless of position and time, over a really tough, hilly, muddy, rutted, brambly, proper cross country course. And we got soaked near the end (sadly no thunder despite the name) but there were still smiling faces all around the finish, as all of us stayed on to cheer the finishers.

As for the results: After taking turns over the summer, Southville swept the team awards in both the male and female categories. A Southville 1-2-3 in the overall top three positions secured the men's prize - I think that's the unprecedented bit - and Jo and Katie took 2nd and 4th lady to help take the women's.

There was also a special mention for the sportsmanship of our runners as our top two finishers Andrew Hickman and Thomas Guest ceded the first place to Matt Burns³, as he'd only finished third because he took a wrong turn.

Full results can be found at http://www.tach.org.uk/result.php?race=DT_result14.inc. Southville's other category winners were Thomas Guest (1st M50), Jo Johnson-Taylor and Katie Ball (1st and 3rd SF)

Great effort from all, I think everyone who ran or supported can be very proud.