Southville Running Club Championship 2016

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 - 16:43
Chris Hopes

SRC Championship 2016

What’s it all about?  

The SRC Championship started in 2011.  It was devised to encourage runners who hadn’t raced before,  to give it a go and get to enjoy the social side of racing and to make it more interesting for those who already appreciate it.  After most races, people stop off at a pub or coffee house to have a drink, something to eat and chew over the day’s events.  Perhaps celebrate  a personal victory or soften the  pain of a bad day.  Most importantly it’s about having fun.

Four of the last five winners have not been the fastest runners by any means, just kept plugging away slowly improving. Now in it’s fifth year we’ve got prizes for Senior Men, Vets and Ladies plus a  trophy for the overall winner.  As yet no lady has taken the title………. may be this year?

The nice thing about the SRC championship is knowing there will always be someone from the club at an event, a chance to share lifts too.  So as they put it in Father Ted, ‘Go on, go on, go on,  go on, go on, you know you want to’.

What does it involve?

The Championship is formed from 10 races but please don’t panic, only 4 races count - see the list of the 10  races below with links to their websites.  The races are chosen to be no more than 10 km long and within 20 miles of Southville.  They take place on weekends and during weekday evenings  enabling you to find races which fit in with your life.  There are road and off road races, others combine the two into what is termed multi terrain.  The Championship starts at the Pensford 10km on Sunday 24th April and ends with the Dundry Thunder on Thursday  30th June.

All you have to do is pick 4 or more races and enter them.  Many races can be entered on the day (Blaise Blazers, Park Run ) others such as  Tyntesfield 10 km and the Town & Country Harriers TACH summer series have to be entered in advance as they fill up quickly so please look at each race’s website for details or ask around the club.  Prices range from free for a Park Run  to £12.  Most are in the £5 -£8 range.  It’s up to you to do your race entries.

What do I do now?

If this has galvanised you into having ago - which I hope it has - all you have to do is give me your name, age and email address plus your most recent race results (if any) before the 19th April. by using the form to the right of this page

All races offer discounts to runners who are attached to a club.  To become attached to Southville Running Club talk to Laura Collicott (our club sec) about purchasing an England Athletic Card  and Dave Shattock/ Andy Ventham about a racing vest (about £20).  The EA card will pay for itself after 4-5 races; a club top is a requirement of being an attached runner plus it has the benefit of making it easy to spot  a friendly face amongst hundreds of people at the at the start of a race.  It also is a must to be part of the SRC to be a member of the club and an EA member too. It's hard to go through lists of 100's of names looking for you in the results. Much quicker for me to pull out Southville runners and then find your name.


How does it work

For each road race an individual target time is given to every runner.  The target is based on a combination of previous results, feedback from group leaders and a dose of guesswork at the start by myself.   For every second you beat your target time you get a point, when you don’t hit your target, a minus point.  Gains and losses are set at a maximum of 90.  No fibbing about what you achieved in the past to gain an advantage or worrying about having too bad a day.

For example:


Runner A Target time for 5km flat road race =  21.30
  Achieves =  20.55
  Points =   + 35


Runner B Target time for 5km flat road race =  23.15
  Achieves =  24.55
  Points =   - 90
Though B was 100 seconds slower than target, losses are limited to -90
Off road and multi terrain races are calculated slightly differently.  Weather conditions and/or course variations can  affect these races disproportionately.  Heavy rain can make a course very slow going or a bull in a field can cause organisers to  add or cut bits of a race out which would rarely happen with a road course as they are measured.    A  different way of scoring has therefore  been devised.  Your target will be based upon  a % of the race winners time. 4 points for every % you exceed or miss your target. 
For example:
Runner A Target of winner’s time for a Blaise Blazer =  132%
  Winners time = 23.15
  Runner A's time = 28.54
  Runner A’s % of winner’s time = 124%
  Runner A’s points 32  (4 x 8%)

Gains and  losses are limited to 90 points as for road races.   I may adjust the number of points for each % to make it comparable to road racing. 

The Joker?
To make it more interesting, for one race you have a joker.  It’s a bit like ‘It’s a knockout’ of years ago.  Let me know when you want to play it before the race.  Any points scored are doubled, any losses halved. It’s up to you to let me know when you want to play it, I won’t chase you if you haven’t done so  by the last race.
What do I do now?
If this has galvanised you into having ago - which I hope it has - all you have to do is give me your name, age and email address plus your most recent race results (if any)  in the next few weeks.  Email or let me know at a club night:
Next, look at the attachment for the  list of races and decide which you want to do. 
How much does it cost to enter?  Nothing, gratis, free.
What if I do more than 4 races?   Your worst scores are dropped  so the more  you do the better your chances.
What if I do less than 4 races? 
 At the end of the championship, anyone who has  4  race scores takes precedent over someone with 3 races or less even though they may have fewer points.  Someone with 3  scores takes precedence over a runner with 2 race scores etc. 
What if I disagree with my race target? 
You will have to be patient for your  first race or  two if you have no racing history,  it usually  comes out in the wash at the end.  You can  moan if you want but it won’t get you anywhere.
Where do I find race entry details? 
The SRC Championship will have a dedicated web page on the SRC site with the list of races  plus Facebook.  All race websites can be found on by following the links below
Where do I find my target?
The club website will have a dedicated page with a table with all the races, your points score and target for the next race updated after an SRC race and on Facebook too.
Good luck and have fun cos’ that’s what it’s all about.
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