SRC Match Your Time Race Sunday 31 October

Tuesday, October 12, 2021 - 21:11
Sam Blanning

As the Nightingale Nightmare race won't be on this year, we thought we'd have our 'match your time' 5km race instead just for Southville runners ONLY.

The MYT race differs from your common or garden 5km race by you telling me how long you'll take to run 5km. The course is flat, out and back so everyone can do it, easy. There is a catch of course, no watches, no phone, no garmin, no fitbits, no mp3 players, no sundials etc can be used. Who ever's closest to their time wins whether they've taken 31 minutes 10 secs or 17 minutes 1 sec.

Meet at 10.00am for sign on at the pocket park at the start of the Towpath, entry is free and there will be prizes.