Green Man Ultra 2015

Saturday, March 7, 2015 - 08:00
74.00 km

Ultra Running Limited has developed ‘The Green Man Ultra’ in conjunction with The Gaveller and existing Woodwoses on a very similar basis to The Green Man Challenge, but with the following exceptions:
The event is under race conditions and entrants will be issued with race numbers
Check-points will be provided (4 in total) to (a) monitor times & wellbeing of competitors, (b) provide water and some nutrition.
At the end of the race finishers will receive (a) Bespoke Green Man T-Shirt, (b) Bespoke Green Man medal, (c) Bespoke Race Mug and (d) Signed certificate to confirm entitlement to either a Woodwose or a Woodwight.
Hot food will be available to ‘catered entrants’ at the finish.
The Green Man Ultra closely follows the same route as the “Green Man Challenge” and consists of a 44 mile course following the Community Forest Path around the city of Bristol, which was developed by the Forest of Avon Trust team. The race will start promptly at 8.00am.

The Start Line at Redwood Hotel
Check point cut-off times are set; which will allow completion of the race within a 12 hour period. Anybody who falls outside the 12 hour set period, at any of the check-points, will have failed to have completed the challenge and not be allowed to continue. Anyone who completes within the set time will be entitled to be called a Woodwose and their name entered in the Forestal Book of the Honourable Order of Woodwoses, which can be found in digital form along the pages at Gaveller’s Web blog. There you can also find a list of those who have earned the title Woodwight, which is reserved for those who have helped a Woodwose, for example by keeping them company for part of the route.
Anyone who is part of a successful “baton” relay team that competes the circuit will also be described as a Woodwight. This implies that the relay team must be regarded as a virtual Woodwose.
The term Wistman shall be reserved for anyone whose achievement suggests that they have the magical qualities associated with this term.