Update re new social distancing guidelines

Tuesday, June 2, 2020 - 14:34
Sam Blanning

On Monday 1 June the Government slightly relaxed the rules on exercising outdoors in groups.

To summarise the implications for Southville RC runs in brief: it is now permitted by Government and England Athletics guidelines to go for a run in a group of no more than 6, providing 1) it takes place entirely in parkland or similar open areas, 2) all runners remain 2m apart at all times, 3) everyone follows normal Government hygiene guidelines on handwashing etc.

Groups of up to six Southville runners may be organised via the Southville Running Club Facebook group.

Groups will meet in parkland, rural or other quiet areas where interaction with other members of the public can be minimised, and remain there for the duration of the group run, while following social distancing rules.

We will continue to monitor and follow both Government rules and England Athletics guidance to ensure everyone can return safely to social running and enjoy the mental and physical health benefits it brings, which have never been more important as the nation emerges from lockdown.